Thursday, November 11, 2010

My License back to my side !!

Finally settle my car license.I will get my P soon.Yeaaaa...Damn happy you know.
Ok,let me tell you what happen----------

Me and my friends get cheat by a malay driver.Actually he's the one who teach us drive and help us book the date for exam to get P license.I thought that he's such a good guy,but I'm wrong.Totally totally W-R-O-N-G !! He's just a liar.WTF
My friends and I passed the undang test and we get our license L dy.Suddenly he said he wanna help us keep license because it is easy for him to help us book the date of exam.Fine,we gave it to him.I still remember before raya,he make a call to all of us and said need to paid all the fee just can book it.Some of my friends paid it all dy,but some haven't paid yet,include me.First,I never think to pay all the money for him because I just start to learn and never get P yet.However,he called to everyone and begged us to pay him st because he need it for the fucking excuse..I text my friends to make sure that they had paid him.Ok,get the confirmation from my friends then I paid it to him.

*grrrrrr* After he get the money from us then disappear.He had change his hp number too.See,what a good liar huh.From yesterday,I just knew what happen.Jia May's mum brought me,Jia May and Violet went to machang just to settle this problem.When we reached there,we ask them what we gonna do now because our license gone dy.Thx god we met a kind worker,a kind lady.She's so kind and helpful.She help us check our and told us a *great news*The stupid fellow never help us register.Wth.So she told us need to go litar there get our undang result and came back here.So,we went there to get our result and saw the stupid fellow's car there.I thought that finally can met him and settle it.When we went in to ask the worker,they told us that his car been pull back and he get black list dy.After that we went back to find the lady worker.She help us settle and finally 3 of us get our license.And now,we transfer to Kuala Krai to take exam.But,we gonna paid it again.=(

Waste money again.Whatever,now we can get license P soon.It's a good news right.So,next time if you wanna take car or motor license just go to Sungai Durian there.It's near and won't waste time.=) Other side,I'm such a stupid person that so easily trust a strange person.A lesson for me.==

*Oh ya,Wei Yi now is in hospital.We gonna visit him tomorrow.Brother,you better recover faster,the exam is coming...Be strong k? My brother is having high fever too.Haix.Gonna stay at home and take care of him.Lily is not feeling well too.So many people get ill.=(
May god bless all of them

Special thx to Jia May's mum brought us to Machang and help us settle it.Appreciate

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