Sunday, April 1, 2012

Favourite Month - April

Show off my braces . Hahaha

April always be my favourite month =D Not gonna talk much about that . Okay , let skip that .

March being so good to me . I'm super duper busy for last month . A lot shooting , assignment , presentation and test need to be done . But thank God I managed to finish everything in time . There are a lot of thing happened in certain period. Disagreement , conflict , wrong decision that had make . People do make mistake, that's normal . Time passed , we got to move on .

Discovered a western shop which located nearby SEGI COLLEGE . The name of the restaurant is AREENA . Not bad thou . Nice food , environment and valuable price.

Order beef for my lunch -RM8
Handmade beef and fries . I love their wasabi  mayonnaise so much . *saliva drop* You must must try that !

Their special for that day is APPLE PIE . For me I actually don't really like to eat these kind of things. But , their apple pie is not bad . Okay , my first time trying apple pie , so I have no idea how a good apple pie taste =D 

Next destination - BANGSAR , PLAN B 

Actually , we went there for shooting . Due to some reason , we stay at Bangsar longer to wait the time passed. 

Went to Bangsar after college with my friends . Didn't know it was so near from my college. Should go there again with more friends . 

Thank you to my friends , ordered the cake that I don't like == 

Night time , Changkat 
  Had some drinks with my friends . It had been so long we didn't just sit down and chit chat with each other. Through this , we get to know each other more. 

I had won a pair of movie ticket of STREET DANCE 2 ! Sad that no one going with me . Grrrr =(  Why I always wasted free ticket ! Before this I got free ticket but at last also wasted . No fate with free ticket ! 

Lastly , again !! April must be awesome to me !! 

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