Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Early Celebration

Marrone Ghiacciato - the name of my coffee

FYI , I need to prepare a signature drink for my bar pratical exam . We get to choose either we want cocktail , mocktail , coffee or tea. I had no much knowledge about liquor and tea so I decided to choose coffee. Surprisingly , the judges like my drinks. I'm so happy.

On the next day , my friends decided to celebrate my birthday early as they can't make it on the actual day. We went to Pavilion for lunch as a celebration . 

Had Sirloin as my lunch . Quite disappointed because it doesn't taste good . Btw , their service bad. One of my friend can't stand on their service , she wrote down everything on the guest comment's card. Haha . Honestly , I'm not going back to their restaurant anymore. 

We didn't get to eat much because they served in a small portion. We had 8 people included me still felt hungry after that. Then , we went for dessert which also in Pavilion.

I liked this dessert so much ! Forgot the name already . I'm not the one who ordered it. Haha . Should order this next time . It's really nice.

I really thought that I couldn't make it for the movie. At last , I make it . Thank you my friend who accompany me to The Curve =) Glad that he enjoyed the movie. 

Before the movie start , we went for dinner at the German Restaurant ! 

Just wanna said that STREET DANCE 2 is awesome . Didn't know that salsa could mix so well with street dance. You guys must watch it . Totally amazed. STREET DANCE 2 will release tomorrow in the cinema. Faster buy your ticket and watch it . I'm waiting for STEP UP 4 now !! Thank you Churp2 =) 

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