Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year 2013

When people are partying hardly for new year eve , I’m working . It’s not that bad as you think. I can party and working in the same time.  Not gonna talk more about my working life over here . ALL I can say that I’m really enjoy over here. =)

New year , New Resolution .

So , what’s yours resolution. Before that , ask yourself have you achieve those resolution you set for last year ? I must said I did achieve some of my resolution . Yeah , SOME , NOT ALL . So , I’m gonna work hard to achieve the “ left over “ resolution. LOL , sounds pity . Jot down your resolution and work hard to achieve it. It’s still not too late for you people. It’s only JANUARY ! You got 11 months  more to go before the year end. C’mon ! I’m thankful for 2012 because there are a lot of unexpected event happened and I’m lucky to attend on those events. By the way , I also got to hang out to those places that I wanted to go for so long . I’m really thankful by having a bunch of friends who always hang out with me. Sometimes we can go to some places that far from our house just to have breakfast/lunch/high tea/dinner/supper. We can spend few hours in the restaurant just to spend time with each other. I kinda like this feeling . =)
Now we are all separated as we doing our internship in different places. I just want to meet up with them soon and hang out to hunt for nice food again. If you did follow me in my Instagram then you will know. I’m really a food/coffee lover. Haha . Sorry if you viewing those picture with your empty stomach.
Actually I still got a lot post didn’t update because I couldn’t really find a good time. Although I’m having my day off, I’m still got no time to update.  =(

Just a short post to wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 . Strike for the best no matter in your working life / college life . Do the best for yourself before you regret.  

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