Wednesday, October 3, 2012


    It's october babe ! One more month left before my internship . Due to the short sem I'm having right now , everything have to be done fast . Assignment , mid term and all those paper works =(  Yet I still have time for travelling , shopping and performance . Haha . Shouldn't complaint so much cause I'm doing the stuff that I love .

  So , what's the hot topic in the city ? THE OPENING OF H&M ! I know right there's a lot of people que up the day before opening just to get the free voucher . *eyes blink*  I went there after the few days of opening because I don't want to que up for so long and squeeze with each other inside the mall. H&M located at LOT 10 and it's huge . Didn't get much stuff for myself because I'm lazy to que up just for trying the clothes. It took me half an hour just waiting at there .

If you noticed , I will post up the photo of bread & tarts on every Monday because I'm having my pastry class on that day. Every time we bake different item and sell it to the student .

  Only one class for tomorrow after that having dance practice. Just make a deal with my room mate . I accompany her to diving centre then she have to go for lunch with me. We're going LOKL COFFEE ♥ 
For a coffee lover like me , never get tired of trying coffee at different restaurant !

*sneak peak*

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